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Dr Gina Jackson OBE is the founder of Skillfull. She has worked on around 300 games in both development and publishing roles from SNES through to PS5. She now supports developers and publishers as a consultant/coach, develops and delivers training for career changers and new entrants and is working on a UK Skills report. She’s an activist for change across skills, diversity and mental health in the games industry to create the best conditions for sustainable growth.

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Creating Allyship in Games: See Something, Say Something

4:00pm - 4:45pm
Room 5

Allyship is defined as a practice that needs to be embedded within an individual's sense of everyday commitment to equity. How do we create Allyship within our industry?

We've all heard or experienced bad behavior at events over the years, and the increased reports in 2023 are frightening.

Collectively what can we do as individuals and organisations to stamp out the unacceptable behaviour reported at events? Join us to brainstorm ideas. We will discuss how we can create Allyship within our industry to challenge and confront toxicity. Please help us create an action plan for change.

Come to this roundtable to be a part of a positive change in our industry.

Session Takeaway

Discussion topics include:

  • How can Allyship help promote a more positive culture?
  • How do we stop this sort of unacceptable behaviour?
  • How can we offer advocacy and support?
  • What can your studio do for you?
  • What's the trade body doing?
  • What are events doing?
  • What resources are available?

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