Our Sustainability Policy

Together we can be greener!

Develop:Brighton brings together the entire UK game dev industry to do business in a friendly and inclusive environment. One of our goals is to improve our sustainability and become “greener” as an event.

Here’s how we’re planning to do it:

  • Take a “reductionist” approach - what can be reduced, re-used, recycled?
  • Work with our suppliers to source more environmentally friendly products, such as recycled card for signage and passes made with paper from a sustainable source.
  • Work with our venue the Brighton Hilton Metropole on ways to run a greener event – reducing our plastic waste so in place of plastic water bottles we’ll provide water stations for refillable water bottles, and sustainable food.
    The Hilton is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint, you can read their sustainability policy here https://cr.hilton.com/environment/
  • Work with our exhibitors to encourage a more sustainable presence in the Expo – responsible sourcing of promotional handouts like re-fillable water bottles for example
  • Reduce printing on paper and switch to digital materials wherever possible
  • Switch to multiple use products such as re-usable signage where possible
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