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Develop:Brighton is all about bringing the whole game dev community together, so whatever your job role, whatever your company size and whatever your budget we offer something for everyone. We'd like to make planning your visit as easy as possible, so check out the essential event info below...

Parent Accessibility

We understand that being a game maker and a parent are not mutually exclusive, so we want to make sure that Develop:Brighton is accessible to parents. Babies and children under school age (4 or under) are welcome to accompany their parents to the event. 

Family Room

We’ve set aside a room which people will be able to use for breastfeeding and where you’ll be able to ‘escape to’ with small children. There’s no formal childcare provision but as mentioned above, pre-school children are welcomed throughout the conference & expo.

Under 18’s

Develop:Brighton is a business-to-business event and is not generally open to anyone under 18 (except pre-school cildren aged 4 or under). If you wish to contact the Organisers regarding this, please email

Well behaved dogs are also welcome!

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There are many ways you can be part of Develop:Brighton - including taking a booth in the Expo or choosing one of the many sponsorship opporunities during the event or at the Star Awards.

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