Mat Alcock

Mat Alcock

Visually Impaired Content Creator and Accessibility Consultant

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I’m The Wobbly Gamer, I am a partially sighted and disabled content creator, streamer and video games accessibility consultant! I have been a passionate gamer for as long as I can remember, and I have turned this passion for gaming into advocating for accessible games for all over the last 5 years! 

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Content Creators Meet Indies with Games to Launch

12:00pm - 12:45pm
Room 2

How do you find and engage the best content creators for your game in 2024?

It's long established that working with content creators is one of the most impactful ways to promote your indie game. But as an indie dev, you may not have the knowledge, time or resources to get to grips with the whole streaming scene and put your game in the right people’s hands.

How do you find the best people to approach for your particular game? How can you package what you’ve got to make it really streamable and exciting to them? What challenges are streamers facing that you might not know about? What kinds of campaigns are there that might work for a game like yours? And what can you do if you have absolutely no marketing budget?

Seasoned creators Hannah Rutherford aka Lomadia and Shaz Shanghari will join Hannah Flynn of Failbetter Games for a panel discussion touching on all of the current best practices for working with streamers and content creators.

Session Takeaway

  • How to approach streamers to work on your launch
  • Different types of campaign beyond 'please play my game'!
  • Best practice for game features that make streamers' lives easy

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