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Steve has been with Havok for over 20 years, working with studios pushing the limits of game engine technology as well as evangelising to new users who are taking their first steps with Havok technology. Steve assists studios in the end-to-end technical evaluation process of the Havok C++ SDKs whether they be looking to integrate into their own inhouse engines or within Unity & Unreal Engine.

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The Evolution of Using Physics Within Games

3:00pm - 3:45pm
Room 6

The graphical representation of our game worlds has reached near photorealistic levels. But what does this mean to the physical representation for us to reach the same higher level of detail? This talk covers a brief history of the physical representation of the game world, before discussing the different approaches we can take using Havok technology to lower the performance barrier and generate the detailed world representations game developers are striving for.

Session Takeaway

  • Understand the variety of ways to represent the physical game world.
  • Learn about different types of physics queries that can be used to inform non-physical systems.
  • How to control simulations that retain the required frame rate for detailed worlds.

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