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Em aka Flop is a Community Manager creating inclusive spaces for gamers - they talk a lot about mental health, autism, ADHD and neuro-inclusion and are a champion of workplace wellness. Em is the community manager for Southfield, previously community manager and content creator for Evil Genius 2 alongside content and co-managed the community for Sniper Elite 5, and occasionally assisted on Zombie Army 4.

Em Aspinall is speaking at the following session/s

Community Crisis What’s Your Issue? Community Manager Roundtable

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 5

What do community managers do? Especially when things go wrong? How can you communicate in a timely manner to keep your community happy... 

Community Managers are the front line and forward facing members of your team. Leading game launches, new updates, bug reports, community sentiments and reporting how, and what your players love (and hate) in your game. Working with developers, content creators, media outlets, press and journalists, they need to know everything and communicate across a wide range of digital (sometimes IRL) social realms. 

Community Crisis what's your issue? Trust your instinct, communicate, and be open to ideas in the Community Manager Roundtable. Tackling commons pitfalls and real life tribulations led by a panel of seasoned experts. Work in groups to tackle common indie game issues community managers can face, discover practical advice and gain from real life experiences to improve future decision making. Do you have a burning community question you've always wanted to ask? Want to connect with fellow managers to ask for advice and guidance? 

This roundtable is open-to-all, encouraging experienced and aspiring community managers to work with developers and decision makers to demystify this role. Knowledge share, uplift and celebrate the power of working together.   

Session Takeaway

  • Discover what a community manager does and why this role is important 
  • Learn practical advice for common community crisis issues
  • Gain from real experiences to improve future decision making

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LGBQTIA+ Roundtable

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 5

An open talk to look at how the year has been for the LGBTQIA+ Community.

This year has had good days alongside the bad days, we think it is important for us to discuss how we have been throughout the year and celebrate our achievements, no matter how big or small.

With all the unfortunate redundancies in the past year having a major affect on so many lives, it is important for our community to have a safe space to openly discuss how the past year have impacted their lives, plus how the gaming industry can help more LGBTQIA+ people

Session Takeaway

  • An understanding of the concerns of LGBTQ+ individuals working in the games industry
  • Techniques shared from first-hand experiences of celebrating diversity in workplaces
  • Tips and tricks for pushing for better in-game representation from within the industry

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