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Terry Goodwin

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Terry Goodwin is the Studio Director of Lab42 Games. They have over 15 years of games industry experience and have shipped over 30 titles across all platforms. Since taking on leadership roles, they have worked actively to create more inclusive workplaces where everyone can flourish and excel. 

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Dropping the Mask: Neuro-Inclusion for Wellbeing, Productivity and Staff Retention

Game development has long been recognized as a neurodiverse industry, but when neurodivergent people don’t feel supported or are afraid to be authentic to themselves in the workplace this can lead to ‘masking’ (hiding of neurodivergent traits that may be stigmatized) and burnout. In turn this has a detrimental effect on productivity and staff retention. Lab42 Games Studio Director Terry Goodwin, and Studio Neurodiversity Champion Cindy Archer explain what steps Lab42 has taken to create a safe and supportive workplace for its neurodivergent community to ‘unmask’ and reach their true potential.

Session Takeaway

  • Our industry is far above the average for neurodiverse workers, and that’s okay
  • An understanding of how common causes of neurodiversity related inefficiencies in a development environment are affecting your margins, and your staff retention
  • Practical suggestions of small, medium and large changes you can make to your studio to support neurodivergent people and unlock their potential

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