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Leo Magrin

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Leo Magrin is a Brazilian sound designer currently working at Rocksteady Studios in London. He has collaborated closely with developers across a range of studios, contributing to titles such as Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (2024), God of War (2018), Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017), and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016). Leo’s passion lies in creating game audio systems that best support storytelling in games.

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Task Force SFX: Exploring the Sound of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Andrew Riley (Audio Director) and the audio team behind Rocksteady's SS:KTJL will take you on a reflective journey through the intricate sonic design behind the game. Starting from the key audio pillars and team ethos, we will explode selected key areas of the sound through to release. All the time looking at the creative and technical challenges we faced while we approached these areas, how we overcame them and how the challenges of reality alongside the initial intent of the pillars fundamentally shaped the realisation of the project.

Session Takeaway

  • Learn about the value of setting out clear pillars at the start of of a project and how to work with them through the life of a project
  • Be inspired and motivated by the Rocksteady audio team explaining their approach to sound design and mixing
  • Learn about some key areas of sound design and how to record EVERYTHING on a AAA project

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