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Head of Game Scouting for Team17. Having been in the industry for 7 years, Jasper's background was largely formed in Talent Acquisition, serving time at Ubisoft Leamington and SEGA HARDlight before finally laying his hat to rest at Team17 Digital.

After spending 18 months in role, he moved into the position of Head of Game Scouting, where he currently resides and oversees the Game Scouting team and Greenlight process for the record-breaking publisher. Having overseen titles such as Dredge, Classified: France '44, Conscript, Undead Inc. and many many more, he brings a host of experience in Game Scouting, indie developer relationships, but also takes great pride in his approach towards team management and department leadership.

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You Are Not an Imposter: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

11:15am - 12:00pm
Room 5

We’ve both had quite severe imposter syndrome for many years, and have taken time to reflect on how it has affected our mental state. Recently we realised that I hadn’t felt that way for quite a few months! Through the use of tricks that have been accumulated over the years we have unknowingly developed similar-but-different strategies for overcoming it. We now use, share, and want to continue to share those skills to help others who are in similar positions to help them get past their own blockers and reach their full potential.

We will explain the techniques and skills that we now use to deal with imposter syndrome as well as how this has enabled us to have far healthier mental states – as well as looking to hear from attendees about any techniques that they’ve developed themselves.

This is a very widespread challenge throughout our industry, and we believe that by creating space for the open conversations and sharing advice around how to live with imposter syndrome, we can all be of help to a lot of people.

If we can get past it, anyone can.

Session Takeaway

  • Ways to recognise imposter syndrome.
  • Practical tips and advice to overcome it
  • Advice on how to live with it.
  • Support in how to begin feeling empowered by it.

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