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With 32 years of experience, Jason Chown is chief technology officer at vTime - a leading XR engagement company developing immersive communication experiences across new realities. Specialising in architecture and performance, Jason’s previous roles include Technical Director for Sony’s Studio Liverpool working on the F1 and WipEout franchises. At vTime and its game division, vTime Games, Jason has led development on several games and experiences including vTime XR – the first cross-reality social network, and most recently Border Bots VR, a riotous VR simulation game published by Team 17 Digital. 

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Maximising Impact with AI: Ethical Strategies for Developing a Top-Rated Game on a Modest Budget

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 2

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been unstoppable, promising game developers a slew of transformative and time-saving benefits, yet for many, quality, ethical, and legal concerns stop them from integrating AI into their workflows. This session will explore how vTime Games used its proprietary AI tech stack ethically to create a 4.9/5 VR game on a modest budget, giving the team more time for the polish and feature additions that have seen it capture the hearts of its players. 

Discover how we used innovative AI tech, including sentiment analysis and text-to-speech tools, to streamline the development process for Border Bots VR, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Learn how AI enabled our characters to express a wide range of emotions on a budget, making them feel alive and fostering a unique connection with players. Explore how we combined AI capabilities with real voice actors, striking a balance between technological efficiency and the irreplaceable human touch. In this talk, we’ll share insights into how these innovations not only elevate game design and development but can also offer players engaging, interactive, and personalised gaming experiences beyond the average development budget.

Session Takeaway

  • Discover strategies for utilising AI to achieve top-tier game quality without overspending.
  • Learn how AI tools like sentiment analysis and text-to-speech can optimise development workflows without replacing roles by augmenting your capabilities, elevating your game from good to exceptional.
  • Explore how AI, combined with voice acting, can accelerate the creation of characters that resonate deeply with players, enhancing emotional connection.

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