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Anna is a narrative and game designer with titles under her belt ranging from indie to AAA. By day, she works as a game designer at Lively (an Electric Square studio), primarily on mobile games, and always keeping storytelling at the forefront. By night, she indulges her love of words and has been credited on titles such as Coffee Talk: Hibiscus and Butterfly, F1 Manager 2022, Love Island the Game, and recently Anchored Hearts, on which she was the lead narrative designer.

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Narrative Design - Mistakes Were Made

Join us for a roundtable discussion with a varied bunch of narrative designers, indie, AA, and AAA, to talk about mistakes made and what we can learn from those mistakes.

Session Takeaway

  • Gain valuable insights from 5 experienced narrative designers
  • Learn of at least 5 mistakes to avoid
  • Gain an understanding of what solutions might be applied if you encounter similar narrative design problems

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