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Kythera AI offers the most advanced AI middleware for AAA and indie video games built with Unreal Engine, Unity, O3DE or custom C++/C# engines.

Our mission is to enable game studios to easily build and deliver unique and compelling AI experiences to players. We do this through powerful technology, tools and in-depth support and development from our experienced team of AI developers.

Kythera AI is a complete AI middleware for games with out of the box solutions for dynamic 2D and 3D navigation with avoidance and formations, automatic contextual navigation links, group behaviour, behaviour trees, state machines, utility systems, blackboards, spatial query system and more. Kythera AI is both designer and developer friendly - powerful low-level control when you need it and easy-to-use tools for designers and scripters. 

The toolset is available now for Unreal Engine 4 and 5, Unity, the new Open 3D engine, and both C++ and C# custom engines, across all major platforms - and totally agnostic to game genre!

Whatever your vision for AI, we can ensure it becomes a reality. Visit our site to learn more and contact us to arrange a demo.

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