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Escape Velocity is a team of passionate and talented developers at a studio that offers excellent benefits and what we believe is a fantastic project. But that’s not what sets us apart. What makes us truly unique is our deep respect for the time, energy, and talent of both our players and colleagues. We aim to make every hour spent developing and playing our games incredibly rewarding and worthwhile.

To achieve this, we operate fully remotely, supporting team members from nearly anywhere in the world. We prioritize honesty, even when it involves sharing difficult news. We value autonomy, empowering everyone to determine the best way to work and play. Rather than focusing on hours clocked, we care about your contributions to the game and the studio.

We believe in continuous improvement, from game development to production design. We consistently re-evaluate our processes to ensure we’re all working on the most important tasks without wasting anyone’s time. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to fostering a culture of play, which enhances our game-making skills and strengthens our team bonds.

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