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Will is a Principal Engineer in the Engine team at Framestore. He most recently worked on the FUSE project, helping to integrate Unreal Engine into Framestore’s VFX pipeline. Before joining the VFX industry he worked for 20+ years in the games industry, on titles such as Everywhere, Forza Street, Disney Infinity, Sploosh!, Splitsecond, Pure and Reservoir Dogs.

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Realtime Engines: Blurring the Boundaries Between Film and Game Development

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 2

Delivered by a games industry veteran, turned VFX noob, this session will begin with an examination of the growing trend in using real-time engines as part of the film-making process.  Exploring the current applications for real-time engines in Virtual production.  From In-Camera VFX using LED volumes, to engine use in Pre and Post visualisation.  

Framestore's Unreal Shot Engine (FUSE) – a collaboration with Epic through their MegaGrant project - is presented as the next step in real-time engine use for film. This innovative technology seamlessly integrates Unreal Engine into the company's VFX pipeline.  

In order to test FUSEs real-time workflows in a production environment, a short film "Flite", has been created. Which will be used as a case study to discuss the benefits and trade-offs of using real-time engine technology in this way.

The session concludes by considering the exciting possibilities that now exist for closer collaboration between the film and game industries.

Session Takeaway

  • You'll have gained a comprehensive understanding of the traditional VFX pipeline.
  • You'll understand the significant improvements that real-time technology has brought to the filmmaking process. And why real-time engine use in film has rapidly grown in popularity.
  • You’ll have seen how the FUSE project has integrated Unreal into the VFX pipeline. And been used to produce a short film, rendered completely within Unreal Engine.

In summary, this session offers an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge and insights into the cutting-edge technology and practices that are shaping and bringing together the future of the film and game industries.

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