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Dr Vicky Bloom, Lead Software Engineer at Astrid Entertainment, has dedicated over two decades to mastering the art of software engineering, with a particular emphasis on AI in games over the last ten yearsHer expertise spans hands-on development, team leadership, and effective communication, positioning her as a pivotal figure in her field. She has an outstanding academic background, with a PhD in machine learning and a deep-seated passion for AI. Vicky's superpower lies in her understanding of AI behaviours in gaming and her ability to create engaging and innovative user experiences across console, PC, and mobile platforms from indie to AAA titles. 

As part of a dynamic female leadership team that includes CEO Sharon Tal Yguado, Art Director Meagan Carabetta, and Director of Production and Operations, Vicky contributes to a culture of innovation and diversity in game development. As an Ambassador for Women in Games, Vicky extends her passion for learning and teaching, striving to empower and engage a worldwide community.

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Revolutionising Game Worlds: Development in Emergent AI

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 1

Dive into the innovative world of Utility AI and its transformative impact on non-player character (NPC) behaviour in video games with Dr. Vicky Bloom. She brings her expertise in AI and game development to introduce the fundamental concepts of Utility AI. A system that empowers NPCs to make lifelike decisions, providing a significant advancement over traditional AI by providing more dynamic and emergent interactions.

Vicky will introduce Utility AI's basics, including its decision-making models and scoring systems, which enable NPCs to exhibit varied and complex behaviours. She'll share insights from her experience as Lead Software Engineer at Astrid Entertainment, using practical examples from their current game to demonstrate how Utility AI can transform NPC interactions and game worlds.

The session will cover the integration of Utility AI into Unreal game development, focusing on rapid development with plugins and best practices. Attendees will learn how to start with Utility AI, from concept to execution. They will gain a foundation for applying this technology in their projects, paving the way for the next generation of interactive entertainment.

Whether you are an industry professional eager to learn about AI in games, a developer aiming to refine your expertise, or simply curious about the future of game design, this talk will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to emergent AI. Don't miss this chance to see how Utility AI can animate your game worlds in new and exciting ways.

Session Takeaway

  • An understanding of Utility AI basics and how it creates dynamic NPC behaviour with real-world examples.
  • Learn how to seamlessly incorporate Utility AI into Unreal projects, emphasising plugin integration and best practices.
  • Gain practical insights from applying Utility AI in Astrid Entertainment's current project, inspiring the creation of captivating game worlds.

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