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Veronique Lallier

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A highly experienced Executive with a career spanning two decades, with prior positions in the world’s leading entertainment and videogames corporations including Rockstar, NCsoft, Warner Brothers and most recently Hi-Rez Studios in her career spanning 20+ years. Veronique has a deep knowledge and understanding of the global gaming market having assumed senior roles at prominent Eastern and Western studios. A leading executive in her field of video games studios operations, with a heavyweight publishing background, online games-as-a-service and the application of new media technologies and practices. Veronique is regularly consulted by industry bodies as an authority on the digital future of the gaming business, she had a long-standing role on the UKIE board and the BAFTA committee.

Veronique has prided herself in learning and continuously developing her skills, in no small part thanks to the amazing people and teams she counted herself lucky to encounter along the way. Veronique is currently working at Hi-Rez Studios as Chief operating officer overseeing global operations for Atlanta and Brighton based studios. After setting-up in early 2016 and expanding the European office from scratch for this Atlanta-based developer of popular online MOBA and shooter eSports titles including SMITE, Paladins and Rogue Company, she started the first development outside of the American HQ in 2019, Red Beard Game, studios which will launch their first title Divine KnockOut - DKO last year in December.

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Knowing When to Stop

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 2

In Games-as-a-Service, getting to global launch is just the starting line. But how do you determine if your game is ready to make it to that point? What should you do if your game isn't strong enough to make the start line? In this session we'll cover how to evaluate the market opportunity for your game, what metrics you need to understand to gauge during early game and UA testing to see if your game has long term potential, and how to ensure that you don't waste what you've learnt along the way.

Session Takeaway

  • The challenges of bringing a PC/console game to mobile
  • How to look at marketing data to gauge opportunities for your game
  • Example tests you can run with your game and UA
  • What to do with your ideas/work when you don't launch your game as originally envisioned

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