Tyler Rotheram

Tyler Rotheram

Teesside University

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Tyler Rotheram is working as a Design Intern during his studies at Teesside University. In 2019, Tyler was a finalist in BAFTA’s Young Games Designers competition with his game Conundrum and has garnered experience working at companies such as PlayStation and Sumo Digital.

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Social Mobility in the Games Industry

Data on the UK games industry shows an issue with social mobility within the sector. Respondents to the UK Games Industry Census reported an overrepresentation of people with parents from managerial / professional backgrounds versus those from more routine employment and a noticeable skew towards people who went to selective or fee-paying schools, with both measures increasing among more senior roles. This suggests that not only is social background an issue with entry into the industry, but is also a factor in career advancement.

BAFTA’s Head of Games will discuss these findings and their significance with four voices from across the sector. How do these factors impact individuals within the industry and what challenges do people face in both joining and their advancement in the sector? How does social mobility affect creative decision making and what are we losing from the voices that aren’t being heard? How does this intersect with other areas of underrepresentation and how does a focus on social mobility help reach people currently underserved by current interventions? How do we identify and overcome barriers and better target efforts to improve access to the industry?

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