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Tom has over 12 years of experience in the video games industry, working at Boss Alien, NaturalMotion Games and Zynga, on exclusively mobile free to play games, until now. With a background in data science Tom made the move into Product 7 years ago, applying knowledge of data and video games to build great products for players worldwide. Tom has been involved in many game launches including the top grossing CSR Racing franchise. 

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Cross Platform in Action - Taking a Game from Mobile to Console

We are seeing an increase in games taking the leap from our home computers and consoles to our pockets but what is it like going the other way? This talk will go through the experience of Super Evil Megacorp as they take the critically praised TMNT Splintered Fate from the subscription only platform of Apple Arcade to the Nintendo Switch.

This talk will cover two primary areas of game development, the business aspects of making successful games and then will take a deeper look at the game design implications of going from mobile to consoles.

We’ll explore key lessons from creating our first game on a subscription only platform. How we tried to optimise for a subscription model and what changes we’ve made for a console audience. I will also cover how we pivoted to a different business model for console release and the differences this means in our approach to product and marketing.

The next area I will cover is the UI / UX challenges we had in porting the game from a touch input control scheme to fully supporting controllers. Having witnessed a few games make this shift before to receive criticism of being a quick port I’ll discuss how we approached this to ensure we deliver a native console experience.

Session Takeaway

  • How to optimise for a subscription platform
  • When and why to take your game from mobile to Console
  • What to consider when going from touch controls to PC/Console
  • How to avoid being a quick mobile port.
  • Differences in Marketing approach
  • Console certification, what is it and how to pass!

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