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My start in tech was with IBM in 2012. I joined their graduate scheme as a business consultant and worked in a variety of roles; test, business analysis and product ownership, for clients and projects across varied sectors (finance, retail, public, defence). 

In 2017 I decided to pursue a life ambition to work in games, and joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations as a team leader / product owner. A spin-off of the studio behind the ARMA games, this company makes military simulations which are used to train (only NATO-allied) forces in many different skills. During my time there I worked on a desktop trainer for a Swedish armoured vehicle for tank crews, and an artillery simulation add-on for their flagship “Virtual Battlespace” series.

In 2019 I took the next step in this career trajectory by joining Failbetter Games as their Senior Producer. I've worked on multiple projects at Failbetter.

  • Sunless Skies
    • A story-driven RPG set in a gothic science-fantasy universe with space trading, real-time ship combat and roguelite elements.
    • Post-launch updates and console ports.
  • Fallen London
    • Text-based free to play browser game with revenue from subscriptions and in-game content purchase.
    • I have produced all expansions to this long-running game since 2019, including major rejuvenation of the game with our “Ambitions”, “Railway” and “Zeefarer" programs.
    • I am currently the product owner for Fallen London.
  • Mask of the Rose
    • An upcoming (June 2023) romantic novel, the prequel to our other games which are set in the “Fallen London” universe of dark fantasy and Victoriana. PC/Mac/Switch and other consoles TBC.
    • As well as producing this game, I am also the sound designer.
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