Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio

Cassiopeia Services and Gamebridge

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Businesswoman focused on disruptive projects at the intersections of finance, gaming, AI and Web3 technologies with over 10 years’ experience in equity markets and crypto.  In 2014 she founded the Web 3 agency Cassiopeia Services which produces the financial + crypto podcast FinancialFox.  As well as being angel investor in Defi, Gaming and NFT projects, she is a co-founder of Web 3 gaming project Gamebridge and part of the founding team at Umbria Network. Networking wizard with an unparalleled network in the crypto space, Stefania is the founder of the UK Crypto Circle. Stefania is a sought-after advisor, having worked on leading blockchain and Digital Identities projects. Named as one of the British most extravagant crypto evangelists and businesswomen; Stefania is a public speaker and was featured as one of Yahoo Finance’s top 10 female influencers in 2022. She is a board member of London-listed Ondo Insurtech, the first UK-listed Insurtech company.

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