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Sophie Artemigi is an indie dev who makes mobile games for women and casual gamers. Her debut game, Hook Up, topped the App Store Paid Charts on release day in 2022. Since then she has been working on a number of NDA studio for hire projects.

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How to Get Banned from the App Stores: An Intersectional Approach to Mobile Development

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 2

The first time most indie developers read the app stores’ rules is when they’re about to release their game. This poses a risk to the game’s success as adherence to these rules determines which players can see your game, and the likelihood of the game being taken down after release.

In this session we’ll be going over the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store’s guidelines from an indie developer perspective. We’ll cover the potential pitfalls that you may not anticipate if you’ve never released a mobile game before.

We’ll also approach this topic from an intersectional lens: How do queer developers make games about their sexuality if sexual content is banned? How do minorities discuss their experiences of violence if depictions of targeted violence are restricted? As developers and curators, how do we balance our responsibility of keeping our players safe and our desire to tell truthful and compelling stories through our games?

Session Takeaway

  • What is and isn’t allowed on the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Mobile game self publishing
  • Mobile game design

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