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Shuhei Yoshida

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Shuhei Yoshida has been with the PlayStation since the project's inception more than 30 years ago. As the President of WWS, Yoshida oversaw development of global best-selling franchises, such as God of War®, Horizon Zero Dawn™ and The Last of Us®. In Nov. 2019, Yoshida became Head of Indies Initiative where he helps external independent creators to ensure they have the tools, technology, and services to reach PlayStation’s large community of gamers successfully.

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KEYNOTE: Supporting Indies and Creativity in Game Development

9:45am - 10:45am
Room 1

The video game industry thrives on the creativity of thousands of independent developers helping to push the medium forward. Join industry legends Shuhei Yoshida and Greg Rice as they reflect on their combined decades of experience supporting game developers large and small to make their best work.

What makes a good game? What challenges and common mistakes are seen in development? How can we help support and nurture creativity in game development? Let's discuss all this and more!

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