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Sharon Fisher is a Trust & Safety veteran with over 15 years of experience in the gaming and social platform industries. She got her start as a moderator for the popular children's MMO Club Penguin, which was acquired by Disney in 2007. She held several roles at Disney until 2016, when she joined Two Hat by Microsoft, a moderation software company. She founded Real Game Consulting in 2020 to help platforms create and maintain positive community interactions.  

Today, Sharon is the Global Head of Trust & Safety team at Keywords Studios, where she oversees a team of 35 strategists and 300+ “superhero” moderators. The unit has established itself as an industry leader by prioritizing superhero wellbeing and optimizing workflows through their AI + HI approach.  

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Designing a Safer Gaming Environment: How Developers Can Mitigate Real-Life Threats

Join industry veteran Sharon Fisher, Head of Trust & Safety at Keywords Studios, for an enlightening presentation about the untapped potential of community in game development. She'll share five key strategies for constructing a game through a community-centered lens. Learn why crafting your own moderation tools may not be the best strategy and discover how prioritizing community features throughout game design can increase player engagement and reduce real-life threat cases. You'll also gain in-depth insights into how robust community and meticulous moderation can elevate the gaming experience while boosting profitability.

Session Takeaway

After attending this presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of incorporating community health principles across all stages of game production to minimize the chances of harmful and illicit content translating into real-world dangers
  • Grasp the difficulties associated with creating an in-house moderation platform
  • Discover the influence of community features on enhancing player experience, brand reputation, and financial returns

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