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Semyon Voinov was born in Moscow, Russia. Together with his twin brother, Efim, he started developing games on their first computer, ZX Spectrum, at a young age. He also enjoyed visual arts and animation, often turning corners of the textbooks into flipbooks.

Semyon began his professional career as a game artist in the pre-smartphone era, developing games for pocket computers" and "feature phones" (e.g. early Nokia devices). Due to these devices' technical constraints and small screens, he specialized in pixel art.

In 2007, he relocated to Finland to join Digital Chocolate, a move that aligned with the rise of social and smartphone gaming. In 2010, Semyon and Efim founded ZeptoLab, launching "Cut the Rope," a game that quickly became a success, earning multiple awards, including a BAFTA, Apple Design Award, and GDC Choice Awards.

Currently, Semyon lives in London with his wife, Anastasiya, and their dog, Cherry.

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Mobile Game Artist: 2024 Edition

I will use my experience to offer practical advice on achieving success in every stage of your career as a mobile game artist, lead artist and art director. I'll talk about the current state of the industry and the ways AI tools are transforming the art pipeline and a required skill set. I will explore the challenging decision many artists face in their careers: whether to become a manager or focus on their artistic craft.
This session will primarily focus on mobile game development, given my background.

Session Takeaway

  • Up-to-date advice on building a career in mobile game art
  • Information on the impact of AI tools and how to adjust to the changes
  • Advice on approaching an artist/manager dilemma

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