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Sara Reeve is a Brighton-based artist and tutor at Draw who specialises in portraiture in oils. A semi-finalist on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2023, her work has been exhibited nationally, and was selected for the Ing Discerning Eye.  
Instagram @sarareevedraws

Draw are a dynamic and open community of artists, tutors and life models based in the UK, and we are passionate about providing safe, flexible & affordable drawing education for everybody. We have studios in New England House in Brighton and provide a programme of in-person and online classes, and resources for creatives. We also deliver bespoke life drawing sessions for a number of games developers including Brighton Zoo and Hangar 13.

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Live Figure Drawing (Costumed Short Poses)

12:15pm - 1:00pm
Room 2

This figure drawing session will be fast paced, with a mixture of different short poses times of up to 10 mins in length. This is a great chance to practise gestural life drawing, working from the most dynamic and varied poses a model can hold! If you are new to figure drawing, the large number of poses offers a chance to experiment and play without the pressure to create a polished outcome. Led by Draw, we’ll be drawing from a clothed professional life model posing to music. This class is suitable for all levels of ability with beginners welcome - we will be on hand to give you any extra support you might need. 


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