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With a love of fantastical and narrative imagery, illustrator and concept artist Sam Hogg's career has spanned a multitude of genres across the entertainment industry. She has worked with clients such as Playground Games, Blizzard, Dark Horse Comics, Critical Role, Rocksteady and many more over the course of her 10-year career before joining Sharkmob as Principal Concept Artist and now Art Director. Beyond her professional work, she can be found bringing her elegant, feminine aesthetic to a dark fantasy world of whalers and pirates in her personal project, The Whaler Girl.

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Creating Characters with Narrative Appeal

4:00pm - 4:45pm
Room 4

Concepting characters is one of the industry’s most sought after roles and a skill that is often judged by very subjective opinions. So how can you be sure you’re creating the right characters for your project? As humans we’re very drawn to other humans and the stories they have to tell, whether that’s AAA behemoths like Aloy or Masterchief, or the diverse array of characters that the indie scene presents. So how do you design the right character for your game? How do you know where to start, especially in those early development stages where nothing is locked down and everything is possible? Join concept artist and illustrator Sam Hogg as she talks through her process for compelling character design.

Session Takeaway

  • How to give yourself a starting narrative
  • The design process in a nutshell
  • How to find the unexpected
  • Why appeal is important

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