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As an American, he is having fun making decidedly British games for Rebellion.  With more than 20 years of industry experience, his former positions include: Map Lead for Wargaming, Track Lead for Turn 10, and Lead Artist for Valkyrie Entertainment.

Ryan Greene is speaking at the following session/s

Building Cohesive Worlds with Traditional and Emerging Art Pipelines

3:00pm - 3:45pm
Room 2

This session is about world building and asset creation using traditional handcrafted art, photogrammetry, and Houdini driven tools. It is a demonstration of how a mid-sized team created lush expansive levels efficiently, with a high level of quality, yet remained flexible for design iteration. We will look at content creation, object placement, and play space creation via an intriguing fusion of methodologies.

The team will give insight into a broad range of artistic challenges, and our solutions to them. We used an interesting bag of tools to create an English village, assemble stone structures, ensure accuracy in vegetation ecosystems, and build entire levels. We will go through various case studies in the creation of both natural and man-made areas from one of Rebellion’s upcoming games. (Currently unannounced!)

Session Takeaway

  • Be clear on your vision, and what you want to achieve with your art
  • Be flexible in your approach to art creation, and open to new methodologies
  • Save time on the tricky and tedious bits, then spend that time on the fun stuff!

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