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Pietro De Grandi is the co-founder of Strelka Games, where he blends his passion for gaming with a commitment to fostering community through multiplayer experiences. His journey in the gaming industry is marked by collaborative roles and a continuous quest for learning.

His rich background extends beyond gaming, with strategic and leadership roles in various organizations. At Belka, he contributed as a board member and CFO, while at Speck&Tech, he co-founded the organization to foster a tech enthusiast community in Trento. 

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The Developer’s Wishlist: How Publishers Can Win Top Talent

It's common knowledge in the gaming world that publishers are talented in guiding and coaching developers on the art of the pitch and how to sell their vision. And they're great at it, which makes perfect sense. But here's a thought, why don't we see developers doing the same for publishers? Imagine the possibilities if we flipped the script. Good publishers, the ones we all want to work with, are out there hunting for top-notch developers. So, why not give them a nudge in the right direction on how to be even more attractive to talents that align with their goals? This talk isn't just about asking questions; it's about starting a conversation on how we can all do better by understanding each other's needs. After all, in the rush to sign the next big game, maybe what we need is a little more insight into what makes a truly great partnership tick.

Session Takeaway

  • What kind of information does a developer look for when doing research for a possible publisher to contact?
  • When starting a conversation between a developer and a publisher, what could seem obvious to publishers that is not to developers?
  • Opening doors to conversations that spark great partnerships.

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