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Peter Yates is a designer at d3t. As a veritable fountain of knowledge, he's a design force to be reckoned with. Whether you need to know about bee keeping, submarines, or just want to bounce around ideas, he's got your back - and he'll probably grill you a burger while he's at it.

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Creating Among Chaos: Finding Your Flow with a Noisy Brain

11:15am - 12:00pm
Room 5

While trying to build up a support group for neurodiverse individuals within our studio, not only did we realise there were "far" more of us than we originally thought, we also discovered that we were all struggling in similar areas. All of us were experiencing issues with overwhelming amounts of information and emotional dysregulation that made sitting down and getting the work done impossible. We soon began to swap references, psychological studies, and our own tried and tested methods that have helped us maintain our attention when working - or more specifically, reach a state known as “hyperfocus.” Hyperfocus is described as an “intense fixation on an interest or activity for an extended period of time” and is often triggered by engaging in “special interests.” By exploring what types of activities trigger these "hyperfocus" states for us, we can begin to understand which elements we need in place to be able to concentrate on our work as well.

In this session we discuss our unique challenges as neurodiverse designers in the games industry, and share some of the methods we've discovered while trying to manage our noisy brains. We talk short attention spans, burnout, and how our passion for zone games has helped us to discover our own creative flow state while we work.

Session Takeaway

Through our session we hope to:

  • Raise awareness of neurodiversity within the games industry.
  • Provide methods for finding and maintaining a creative flow when working.
  • Encourage others to bring their authentic self to work.

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