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Since joining the industry in 2005, Nina Roussakoff has worked in a variety of roles and levels, on titles such a Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse, Beyond A Steel Sky, and Paleo Pines. She's worked both as and with narrative designers, overcoming a variety of challenges along the way.

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Narrative Design - Mistakes Were Made

3:00pm - 3:45pm
Room 5

Join us for a roundtable discussion with a varied bunch of narrative designers, indie, AA, and AAA, to talk about mistakes made and what we can learn from those mistakes.

Host: Nina Roussakoff, Lovewish

Session Takeaway

  • Gain valuable insights from 5 experienced narrative designers
  • Learn of at least 5 mistakes to avoid
  • Gain an understanding of what solutions might be applied if you encounter similar narrative design problems

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