Nils Heine

Nils Heine

Giants Software

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Nils is Lead Audio Designer at Giants Software, where he and his team is crafting the sonic experience around the Farming Simulator franchise. In addition to his primary role, Nils is an integral member of the event team, handling audio engineering responsibilities for events and fairs. His expertise ensures that all audio aspects, from game sound design to live event production, are executed with precision and high quality.

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Embracing Esports for Small to Medium-Sized Studios

11:00am - 11:45am
Room 6

This presentation explores how small to medium-sized game studios can leverage the booming esports industry to elevate their development and marketing strategies. Highlighting the success of GIANTS Software with "Farming Simulator 22," which boasts over 6 million units sold and a robust daily active user base, it demonstrates the potential reach and engagement esports can provide. The talk delves into the current state of esports, emphasizing its youthful demographic and significant marketing power. It addresses the initial hurdles, such as investment in infrastructure and community building, and outlines strategic approaches for successful integration, including market research, game development, partnerships, and enhancing spectator experiences. By incorporating esports, studios can unlock new opportunities and expand their audience, ultimately contributing to long-term business success.

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