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Niall is an experienced designer, publisher and producer currently heading up Scallywag Arcade, a new games label from Liverpool-based immersive experience experts Draw & Code. He loves working with established IP to surprise fans with unexpected new ways for them to play the games they love.

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Designing Games for Influencers (and Why that Might Not be the Best Idea)

12:15pm - 12:45pm
Room 6

Unbelievable exposure, countless eyes on your product and skyrocketing sales - whether on YouTube or Twitch, getting your game into the hands of the biggest names in the influencer and streaming ecosystem remains the holy grail for many game developers, especially those without the clout of a massive marketing budget. But does it ever really work out that way?

In this frank and honest case study, Niall - who has had millions of views across multiple titles after coverage from some of the biggest influencers in the industry - lays bare the reality of that coveted situation, sharing stories, sales figures and screenshots of some REALLY mean comments. From the design decisions that helped put his games in the spotlight, to the wildly unexpected financial outcomes, attendees will learn what happens when the dust settles and for some reason you’re still not a millionaire.

Session Takeaway

  • What elements of your game’s design and marketing will appeal most to streamers and influencers, and how to capitalise on that.
  • The reality of what achieving “influencer success” means for your game financially and otherwise.
  • Understanding of what customer conversion is, and why it may mean you’re targeting the wrong people.
  • The mental health toll that “influencer success” can have.
  • Positive ways your game can target influencers.

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