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Mattia Cellotto is an expert sound designer and recordist with ten years of experience of working in game audio as well as in managing an audio libraries company.
He has worked on franchises such as Gears of War, Battlefield, Star Wars and Avatar. He now works as expert sound designer at Massive Entertainment (Sweden).
Mattia's audio libraries are known around the world for their hyper realistic style, featuring larger than life captures of a variety of subjects which are normally hard to record with such intimate details.

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From Ka to Boom – General Learnings From Creating an Explosion Sound Library

Expert sound designer and recordist Mattia Cellotto’s renowned sound libraries are used the world over in all manner of audio projects. In this insightful session he’ll lift the hood to reveal his planning, process, and post-production to execute on carefully considered design goals determined long before hitting record. Drawing on his recent experiences creating and recording explosions in a number of extraordinary locations using an impressive array of equipment, as well as other projects, he’ll guide you with tips, tricks and learnings to inspire and encourage you to successfully follow in his footsteps.

Session Takeaway

  • Planning and executing complex recording sessions.
  • Selecting audio equipment and tools based on the specific goals set for creating a sound library.
  • Editing and processing content for the purpose of tailoring it to a specific aesthetic.
  • High level tips on creative sound design.

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