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Martin Poirier

Behaviour Interactive

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Martin launched his video game career more than a decade ago with the Central Tech Team of Behaviour Interactive, the largest Canadian video game studio. He has worked on a large variety of different consoles, PC, and mobile platforms as a system programmer and has established himself as a valued collaborator on many projects.

He also possesses extensive experience with all types of development environments, from Unity, CryEngine and Unreal to a large spread of proprietary engines. As an experienced Technical Director, he has developed expertise in assessing, managing, and resolving technical risks, working closely with clients to truly understand their technological needs.

A true team player, Martin succeeds in keeping the development machine well-oiled, while never shying from getting his hands dirty. Passionate about his work, he keeps an inquisitive mindset towards new and incoming technologies.

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Maximizing AI’s Potential Without Diminishing Human Value

This session will cover Behaviour Interactive’s approach to Generative AI, demystifying the hype and fear. Learn how a pragmatic, human-centered approach can help to identify facts from fallacies. Gain insights into treating Generative AI as a standard technological choice, identifying pitfalls, and discovering practical, creative, and useful applications. Join us to uncover real-world examples and key takeaways for unique use cases.

Session Takeaway

  • A fact-based, pragmatic approach to emerging technologies like Generative AI
  • Solutions that enhance human capabilities, not replace them
  • Optimize your efficiency by focusing on what matters

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