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Mark Cantwell

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Mark Cantwell is Product Director at Fourth Floor and has over 18 years product and marketing experience in and around the games industry

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PlateUp! – A Recipe For Success. Or Why Wishlists Don’t (Always) Matter

12:15pm - 1:00pm
Room 4

Ask any indie developer or studio what the single most important metric is ahead of a Steam launch and they’ll say one thing: Wishlists. This continual quest for a consumer click dominates all pre-release marketing – but how valuable are they? And what, ultimately, do they mean for your imminent launch? 

PlateUp! was one of the biggest indie hits of 2022, selling over 650,000 copies in its first four months of release – a result you’d not have predicted from its pre-launch Wishlists alone. So what happened, and what can we learn? Join Yogscast Games and its marketing agency Fourth Floor as they lift the lid on the game’s pre-launch velocity and discuss what helped the game grow and grow.

Session Takeaway

  • Why Wishlists are not a reliable indication of success
  • How you can make games which engage content creators
  • How you can track sales uplift

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