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Marie-Claire Isaaman

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Marie-Claire Isaaman is CEO of Women in Games (WIG). She engages globally with businesses and organisations in the games & esports, tech & educational sectors to advance gender equity, diversity & belonging. 
She leads on WIG research and innovation projects. She is an ‘Industry Fellow’ for InGame, a UK AHRC & UKRI Creative Industries Cluster Programme and was WIG Executive Project Director for a successful 2020/21 Business-led Innovate UK, competitive grant in response to Covid-19 global disruption. She co-authored the Women in Games Guide: Building a Fair Playing Field (Published 2022).
In 2018 at GameRome she was given a unique award for her outstanding work in diversity initiatives. She features in the 2019 Global Game Industry ‘50 over 50’ list and is named in the GamesIndustry.Biz 100 most influential people in Video Games list 2020. In March 2022 she received the ‘MCV Outstanding Achievement Award’ for her work in the Games Industry along with accepting two Awards for Women in Games for “Best Places to Work Diversity Award” and the ‘TIGA Games Industry Diversity Award’. In 2023 she received a Stevie Award for Women in Business, with Women in Games also receiving a similar award for the organisation. 

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Men as Allies: Open Your Eyes & Become an Agent of Change

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 5

The games industry thrives on creativity, innovation, and diverse perspectives. Yet, women continue to face significant roadblocks: from subtle microaggressions and unconscious biases to blatant harassment and abuse. These challenges create a hostile environment, hinder career progression, and ultimately, hold the industry back from reaching its full potential.

And nothing is changing despite the efforts of Women in Games and our partners and supporters. Men must play a pivotal role in dismantling these barriers and fostering a truly inclusive and equitable gaming landscape.

This roundtable event, to open the eyes of men working in the industry to the huge challenges and obstacles facing women, and to equip them with the tools and understanding they need to become effective allies, driving positive change within the industry.

This roundtable isn't about raising awareness; it's about encouraging and empowering men to take action. We'll provide attendees with knowledge, practical tools and resources to implement the learnings of the session into their daily lives, both professionally and personally.

Session Takeaway

  • Speak Up, Not Over: True allyship prioritises amplifying women's voices while offering unwavering support.
  • Become an Advocate: Take initiative to educate yourself and others about the challenges women face within the games industry.
  • Challenge the Status Quo: Identify and challenge 'masculine' norms that contribute to a culture of bias and exclusion.
  • Action is Paramount: Allyship goes beyond words – translate your learnings into tangible actions that create lasting change.

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