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If you are reading this - I am Marco, a solo game developer, as well as the studio director of Overworld Games Studio. I am currently working on EMTIME, a narrative-driven game about “time” that features multiple game genres.

My studio aims to combine different genres with rich narratives to create unique experiences for the players, and I am also doing work-for-hire interactive projects for clients in the meantime.

I have created various games in different genres, including an award-winning exploration game project, as well as a non-linear exploration game that was officially selected by the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2023.

I am currently an enterprise student at the University of York who aspires to build his game studio from scratch and scale it up in the long run. With skills and experiences built through my university course, as well as through completing different internships - I was able to use them as a basis to start my studio.

Getting into the game industry, not to mention starting up a game studio on your own is definitely not the easiest thing to do, but I wish for my experience to give you some ideas and inspire you to give it a go. 

Always feel free to drop me a message on LinkedIn if you want to have a chat.

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Kickstarting your Indie Game Studio as a Graduate / Student!

While getting a job in the game industry after graduating is definitely something to aim for, have you ever considered starting your indie game studio by yourself or with some friends to kickstart your game career?

As an indie game developer who is working on an enterprise program at the University of York, Marco kickstarted his indie game studio business - Overworld Games Studio around half a year ago - with the aim to combine different genres with rich non-linear stories, and craft intriguing gameplay experiences, as well as providing work-for-hire services for interactive experiences and games.

With his previous experience as a solo game developer and by doing a couple of internships with different organizations, he created his game studio with a small amount of business experience. In order to get an understanding of the game industry, he developed his knowledge of how things work through research, as well as attending events and networking throughout his journey as an indie dev.

Come to this session to listen to his journey as an indie game developer so far, and how he was able to create his branding, craft his game pitch, navigate within the game industry, etc. And hopefully, this will give you some inspiration on whether you would like to take this route!

Session Takeaway

  • Learn about the different approaches to structuring your game studio business model
  • Understand the types of things you will have to consider when approaching the branding of your studio
  • Learn more about how you could create game prototypes and conduct player testing efficiently
  • Gain knowledge of different resources that could help support your indie game studio
  • Learn how to get the most out of networking events and create opportunities for your studio
  • Get some tips on managing your time efficiently when you are working on your business

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