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I'm Marc Espinola, from Barcelona, Spain. I've been working in the video game industry for 7 years as an animator. I've studied business back in Barcelona, and later I graduated in Cinema in Argentina. That sparked my passion for animation. During my path to consolidate myself in the video game industry I've worked as a manager on several places, a restaurant, a KFC, a clothing store and a construction company. This is relevant for the talk. Currently I'm leading a new project and fully inmersing in the maganing side in the video game industry. This experience is exactly what I want to share with everyone.

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Congrats! You’re a Middle Manager! Now what?

11:00am - 11:45am
Room 3

This session is aimed at middle managers or people aspiring to become one. As middle managers we need to be able to balance our main specialty, while taking care of other colleagues. And sometimes we aren’t even great at dealing with people! This talk wants to inspire listeners to believe it is possible and it can have a huge positive impact on other people. To make this journey landed in something more tangible, I’ve chosen to use scuba diving and the different levels of awareness of the sport. This translates very well to understand in a practical way how to successfully handle middle management.

Session Takeaway

  • Learn how to: First, take care of yourself. Second, take care of your project. And third, take care of others.
  • You don’t need to be a people person or extroverted to be a great manager.
  • Being a manager can be very rewarding and you can make peoples’ lives better.

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