Louis Larsson-De Wet

Louis Larsson-De Wet

The Chinese Room / Sumo Digital

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Louis Larsson-De Wet – Project Technical Director at The Chinese Room

Louis has been programming for over 25 years, and before joining The Chinese Room in 2019, worked on and released over 13 game titles for studios like Relentless and Lockwood Publishing.

He also used to play rugby (where he met his husband) and has recently taken up playing the piano again.

Louis Larsson-De Wet is speaking at the following session/s

Still Wakes the Deep: Tentacles and Water

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 3

Still Wakes The Deep is set on an oil rig in the North sea off the coast of Scotland circa December 1975. It’s “The Thing” on an oil rig. The sea, and water in general, plays a big role in our game. Not only are there sprawling vistas of the sea, but you have standing pools of water, flooding rooms and claustrophobic swimming sections.

Water is not your only enemy on the rig – something else came onboard.

For the first part, I will talk about our water implementation, which includes real-time water simulations.

And then in the second part, I will talk about our monsters – in particular procedural animation and how to make them move in a realistic way with their tentacles through a complex environment.

Session Takeaway

  • Understand the challenges of having water in a game
  • How to implement different kinds of water, including real-time simulated water and dirty water
  • See how to make a monster move realistically through a complex environment.
  • Niagara Systems and Control Rig in Unreal Engine

Session speakers

A Very British Horror Story: The Making of Still Wakes The Deep

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 1

Join Edge's Alex Spencer and creatives from award-winning UK studio The Chinese Room to discover the story behind critically acclaimed narrative horror Still Wakes The Deep. Daan Hendriks (Audio Director), Laura Dodds (Associate Art Director) and Louis Larsson-De Wet (Project Technical Director) will discuss how The Chinese Room created one of 2024’s most atmospheric thrillers – and why they chose a North Sea oil rig for its setting.

Session Takeaway

  • The opportunities and challenges involved in making such a distinctly British game, building on the studio's previous work in this field.
  • How The Chinese Room researched and cast Still Wakes The Deep to make it authentic to its unique location and period setting.
  • Techniques involved in staging atmosphere, tension and drama in a first-person narrative-driven horror.

Session speakers

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