Laura Martínez Sanahuja

Laura Martínez Sanahuja


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I'm a Computer Scientist with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence.
I started working as a QA Automation Engineer developing automation tests for different browsers, chatbots, pricing prediction for brokers and games, but my career has evolved to making tools for people who do these automation tests.
I am currently working as a Tools Engineer at King, since June 2020, mainly developing GOAT, a tool that handles automation tests and different device farms.
3 fun facts:
1. I’m a violinist and a singer. I used to be in the Catalan National Orchestra and I sing in several choirs.
2. I love games of all kinds. I enjoy a lot playing videogames, I have a full rack of board games and I’m the best at escape rooms.
3. I have two beautiful cats: Dominó and Gustavo. Domi loves cuddles on the floor, and Gus announces his presence as loud as he can.

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