Kosala Ubayasekara

Kosala Ubayasekara

W.R.K.S Games

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Kos runs the show at W.R.K.S Games and is the company’s Founder and CEO. Aside from executing the company business plan, which is bold and long, he also manages the content and game design strategy and is the final say in our game development and creative choices. A serial entrepreneur and product innovator across multiple industries he is also the investor behind W.R.K.S Games.

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AI in Art and Marketing Pipelines - How We Integrated AI to Create Reliable Commercial Returns

3:00pm - 3:45pm
Room 4

I did a 20-minute talk at PG Connects 2023 in January in London on how we deeply integrated AI into our art and marketing pipelines, increased our conversion rates to 8%, and made AI a cornerstone of our company strategy for sustainable game development. It went down exceptionally well in content and delivery, but the 20-minute timing did not allow the time to fully explore the results and process.

At Brighton, I would like to expand on this, do the full version of the talk that will include our process, marketing results, and commercial results, and leave the visitors with a blueprint that they can use to replicate and integrate that knowledge into their workflows.

Session Takeaway

  • What AI tools to use and how to use them
  • How the combining of these tools improve results and our results were
  • A blueprint of how to replicate and integrate AI into your game company processes.

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