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Joe is the candid Studio Head and one of the founders of BULKHEAD (Creators of The Turing Test and Battalion 1944). 

BULKHEAD started at 6 graduates and has grown to over 120 people backed by Tencent and FPS legends Splash Damage. Joe lead the charge for Bulkhead (and eventually Splash Damage) rolling out the 4 Day Work Week. 

Joe has worked as an artist, designer, game director, producer, executive producer and currently sits as CEO & Studio Lead.

Joe is extraudinarily direct and open in his talks and believes in removing the formalities and getting to the point. 

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The Truth About The 4 Day Work Week

3:00pm - 3:45pm
Room 4

This session is not about highlighting the obvious benefits of a 4 Day Work Week. It's about the rarely discussed negatives. 

After running an 18 month 4 Day Work Week trial, BULKHEAD made it a permenant benefit for their staff. The 4 Day Work Week isn't perfect, but you'll struggle to find an article, paper, or report of anyone shedding light on the down sides of running a 4 Day Work Week. In this session Joe Brammer the Studio Lead of BULKHEAD opens the books and discusses all the gory details of their 18 month trial and subsequently how they graduated from trial to permenancy. 

This talk is for everyone who has even the slightest bit of intrigue in changing from the 9-5 Monday to Friday that the working world opted into in the 1920s. Not only does Joe discuss their findings and results, Joe will also be sharing the alternatives they considered in an effort to 'rethink' the way we work.

With such an evocative topic, there will be lots of time at the end for questions. 

Session Takeaway

  • Fundamentals of The 4 Day Work Week
  • A clear picture of the negative impacts The 4 Day Work Week
  • How BULKHEAD chose to roll out their trial and subsequent new contracts
  • Easy mistakes to make!

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