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Joe Bain

Hairy Heart Games

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Joe Bain is a independent developer and founder of Hairy Heart Games. He has been working in games for 8 years and his experience spans small indie games to big companies like Sony. Hairy Heart is an inventive and scrappy young game studio. Trying to do big things with small bootstraps.

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The Craft of Handmade AI

5:00pm - 5:45pm
Room 2

The ongoing revolution in artificial intelligence may be worrying. Will we all be redundant in 20 years? Worry not! In this talk you’ll learn how AI can be an empowering force in game development, expanding what’s possible, and even creating jobs.

From Neural Radiance Fields to markerless motion-capture, the new AI wave is letting us capture the world in higher fidelity. Using handmade models and live actors Hairy Heart Games has been exploring how AI can change game making in a positive, creative, and human-centred way.

Session Takeaway

  • How to use modern photogrammetry tools to capture game-ready assets.
  • How to do motion capture with a smart phone.
  • How to work with physical makers from outside the games industry.

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