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Jessica Kelham

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Jess moved to Yorkshire for Uni in 2004, and the region has been stuck with her ever since. After answering a newspaper job advert in the Yorkshire Evening Post, Jess began a career in games as a Junior Production Assistant for Team17. Since those PS3 years, if Jess hasn't been travelling the world and saving animals (we all need a side gig), she's been honing her work craft, staying humble, and winning stupendous awards with brilliant developers. Always striving to understand and achieve the best results, Jess has owned pretty much every aspect of production and leadership responsibility in AA and AAA game dev.

In 2023, Jess continued her trend of pushing out of her introverted, squishy comfort zone and set up Rum Punch Games. Freelance production services offering her practical experience and emotional intelligence skills to teams in need of extra support.

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