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James Gardiner

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James Gardiner is the Chief Commercial Officer responsible for all commercial relationships at indie strategy publisher Hooded Horse. This includes managing strategic partnerships with platform holders, regional publishers, physical distribution partners, key resellers and hardware/peripheral partners. Previously, James managed Strategic Partnerships at 505 Games and Paradox Interactive for titles like Control, Death Stranding, Crusader Kings III and Cities Skylines, successfully negotiating multiple Game Pass and PS Plus partnerships along the way.

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Improved Storefront Visibility - Finding The Right Audience For Your Game

When it comes to storefront optimization everybody plays by their own rules, particularly with indie games. If you look at the store pages for three different indie publishers, you will often see drastic differences in their storefront decision making. How can you find the right path for your game with so many different options at your disposal?

Hooded Horse currently publish 11 of the top 200 most-wishlisted games on Steam. In this session we will dig into what made that possible and discuss how to use the platform tools and partnerships available to optimize the store experience for your games.

Session Takeaway

  • Optimize store page design, providing an experience that will best appeal to your target audience.
  • Learn to work with your partner managers to amplify your own marketing activities and drive store page visits.
  • Improve cross-promotion between your titles to increase your incremental store page visits and wishlists.

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