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James Binns

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James Binns is games media veteran, with over 30 years in the business. He is Executive Chairman and co-founder of three businesses. Network N Media own and operate some of the biggest games sites in the world. Publisher Collective partners with over 150 more sites for ad tech. And Project N is a creative services agency, supporting games clients. The businesses employ over 160 people, across the US and UK. Executive Chairman is a fancy name for a man who likes pointing at games and marketing, and then shouting.

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The One Thing Every Game Needs

2:00pm - 2:45pm
Room 6

Digital game stores own their users, not you. They recommend games you compete with. They showcase your game however they want. And they refuse to play nice with other platforms. Build your own website and own your player and the conversation. James Binns, games media veteran tells you the 20 things every games website needs. And the 5 things you should never do.

Session Takeaway

  • Your game needs a website, because it is the easiest, most secure way to own your audience away from the platforms
  • Websites need to be designed to get found via search, social and deep links, and then tell the very best story for your game
  • A website without a data strategy, follower strategy or a plan for how to drive player action is a dead end

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