Imre Jele

Imre Jele

Bossa Studios

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Imre is a lifelong gamer and game-creator. He is an expert in creativity, prototyping, game design and creative production.

Throughout his colourful career, Imre has worked on a wide range of game genres and platforms. He was Head of RuneScape. He co-founded and was Chief Creative Officer of Bossa Studios - winner of multiple BAFTA and other awards, creator of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread.

His most recent focus is on novel storytelling through gameplay and immersive experiences. He’s passionate about cooperation across various media and art forms. And he’s known for promoting innovative and collaborative creative approaches within development teams and including the audience.

Imre is on the board and advisor of multiple companies. He provides creative and creative production services to various games and other entertainment companies. And he is building a brand new games studio, creating new games in secrecy for now.

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