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Ihor Pavlovskyi has been a valuable member of the Virtuos Labs Warsaw team for a year, bringing his expertise to support AAA projects. At 19 years, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree on Software Engineering studying at the Khakiv National University of Radio Electronics in parallel with his daily responsabilities at the studio.

Fascinated by Physics since childhood, he actively participated in numerous competitions, sometimes reaching the national level. Ihor initiated his coding journey in high school at the age of 16.

His current specialty is graphics programming. 


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Directional Light Shadows Compute Time-Slicing Optimization

4:00pm - 4:45pm
Room 2

In UE5, sun directional shadow calculations are expensive, even when using predominantly Nanite assets. Having a day/night cycle and recomputing the sunlight directional shadow every frame is not affordable for most titles.

In our presentation, we outline the problems that Virtual Shadow Maps in UE5 have with the day/night cycle and propose one solution that consists of distributing shadow computation generated by sunlight between multiple frames.
We present potential performance gains that reach up to 70% on shadow computation as well as talk about visual losses that you may get with this algorithm.

We believe that by sharing this idea with developers, we can provide a better understanding of how shadow mapping can be optimized in UE5, as well as in other engines. Furthermore, our goal is to encourage developers to optimize their graphic bottlenecks, so they can gain more frame time budget for other assets and technologies in their games.

Session Takeaway

  • Low-level understanding of Virtual Shadow Map (VSM) Clipmap technology in Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and its limitations
  • How to use time-slicing to optimize VSM for a dynamic day-night cycle game in UE5

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