Georgi A. Simeonov

Georgi A. Simeonov


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Art director at JUMPSHIP (previoustly Unity, Splash Damage & Haemimont Games) - world builder, concept artist and illustrator.
I started making and illustrating my own board games as a kid inspired by the promise of early video games that I did not have much access to and richly illustrated science, geography and natural world encyclopedias I collected.
Studied software development at secondary school and Classical Animation at uni, got my firs job at the games industry before I graduated.
At this point I have close to 20 years  of game development experience, spanning table top RPGs, a variety of video game genres (RTS, FPS, Andventure) and short film.
During that time I've occupied most art positions - generalist ( working on textures, props, UI, concept art), lead artist, concept artist and ultimately working as an art director/production designer at Splash Damage, The Unity Demo Team and currently at JUMPSHIP, completing our first independent game project Somerville.

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