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Eric Nielsen

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Eric Nielsen is a senior audio programmer at CCP Games working on EVE Online. Eric spent the first half of his career in the cloud computing space until he was able to combine his love of sound design with the art of programming to become EVE Online's audio programmer in 2018.

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Finding the Signal in the Noise: Prioritizing Sound in EVE Online’s Vast Universe

10:15am - 11:00am
Room 3

Released back in 2003, Eve Online has hosted some of the largest player-versus-player battles in video game history within its virtual world. Throughout the years, the players of EVE Online discovered numerous methods to gain an edge in these titanic clashes. One of these methods, codified in online documents that players call “fleet doctrines”, was to disable audio in order to save on CPU.

Join the audio programmer for EVE Online in a deep dive into the technical and artistic challenges they faced, as well as the lessons they learned, while developing a solution to this decades-old problem. Discover how this solution ended up revitalizing the overall mix of the game and how it encapsulates the often blurry boundary between sound design and programming that comes with the profession of audio programming.

Session Takeaway

  • Practical examples for prioritizing sound in complex and unpredictable scenarios.
  • Insights into mix design for larger scenes.
  • Thoughts about the role of audio programmer and the interplay between tech and creativity.

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